Popcorn with Frank’s

Prep Time: 1 minutes Cook time: 2.5 minutes Serves: 1

Alex: This recipe is certainly simple and practical! When I first started eating a whole-foods diet, I allowed myself an unlimited amount of popcorn. It was the one big allowance to keep myself “on the plan.” Popcorn is just about the least dense food you can eat, and it allows your body time to process and feel satiated. Even when you stuff your face like I do.


  • Popped popcorn
  • Frank’s Red Hot


  1. Put the Frank’s Red Hot on to the popcorn.
  2. Shake popcorn. Practice this part. It’s fun, and it’s potentially a good workout. Make sure to show your skills to anybody who happens to be nearby. If nobody’s in your vicinity, consider taking a video of yourself to send to a friend.
  3. Repeat until evenly coated, or until you’re asked to stop.

You will not be disappointed by this singular taste sensation!

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