Month: March 2019

Main Courses

Pad Thai

This tofu Pad Thai is based on the recipe served by a local Thai restaurant. We use a bit of liquid smoke, which adds a flare familiar to people who have visited Thai restaurants on the West Coast. A surprisingly decadent meal!

Main Courses

Sweet & Spicy Southwest Simplicity

When we’re looking for something quick, sweet, and spicy, we make this simple meal. This Southwest inspired main course brings back memories of Mexican restaurants, and a dash of liquid smoke at the end gives it the sense it was cooked over a backcountry campfire in the Mojave Desert.

Main Courses

Bean Loaf

This richly textured bean loaf is both satisfying and filling, comfortably feeding six people. This will bring back fond memories of enjoying your mother’s homemade meatloaf, but you won’t have to worry about the cows or the health consequences!