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Fluffy Cosmic Cocoa

We’ve seen a handful of “healthy” chocolate smoothies making their way around social media, and none of them suited us. After some experimentation, this miraculous beverage came pouring out of our blender. I can’t recall for certain, but I think I might have heard angels singing.

Main Courses

Comforting Bean Bake

This meal is inexpensive, tremendously satisfying, easy to assemble, and makes heavy use of ingredients we’re all likely to have readily available. Beans are both satiating and comforting, and this meal delivers!

Main Courses

Kati’s Pad Thai

Kati has made our Pad Thai even better. Her rendition of this recipe is even lighter and simpler, and doesn’t rely on any sweeteners. Plus, since it’s so quick to prepare and uses such inexpensive ingredients, it’s become one of her go-to recipes!

Sides and Sauces

Kicking Cauliwings

We wanted the experience of barbecue wings, and this cauliflower recipe hits the spot! With a little breading and a thick coating of hot sauce, this benign, pale vegetable transforms into a fiery taste sensation.

Main Courses

Easy Noodles and Shrooms

You forgot to buy groceries this week. It’s late and you’re feeling exhausted. You open your fridge only to see nothing but half package of mushrooms that are barely hanging on. You’re fairly certain you have half a box of your kid’s alphabet pasta in the cupboard. This recipe is here for you!