Author: pbp

Main Courses

Eggplant Fajita

Looking for a way to actually enjoy your eggplant? For years, I merely tolerated eggplant, trying to ignore its slimy texture. I couldn’t imagine how I could ever enjoy it without oil!

Sides and Sauces

Broccoli Bisque

Looking for a yet another way to enjoy broccoli? Perhaps with garlic involved somehow? Well here it is! We especially enjoy this by the fireside in the wintertime, but it’s an enjoyable a side dish any time of year.

Main Courses

Sweet Potato Curry

This curry recipe is based on our Creamy Thai Curry, but the sweet potato lends a seasonal touch! If it’s cold outside, there’s no comfort food quite like sweet potatoes, and when you’re not making them into a cake, they make a superb main course.

Main Courses

Chili Mac

Looking for a simple comfort food? We’ve got the meal for you! Smokey marina sauce combines with toasted tempeh and noodles to provide the experience of chili mac or hamburger helper.


Tips to Save Time

We know you value your time, so how do you tighten up your schedule a bit? Would it help you to imagine every meal you make is staving off the hand of Death? Because it is. That’s something to be pretty excited about.